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2014; Issue 1, Volume 4

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Detection of Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders and Oral Cancer: A Review on Non Invasive Diagnostic Aids.
Sinha S, Singh R and Mathur M
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Spectroscopy in the Diagnosis of Oral Cancer.
Gupta A, Babele N, Phulambrikar T, Jaitley M
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Interdisciplinary approach in management of anterior open bite in adult patient – A case report
Gupta G, Tikku T, Verma S, Srivastava K, Goel A
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Conservative Bridge Preparation : With Ribbond Fiber
Kirankumar SV, Sinha S, Kariya P.
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A Novel Method of Treatment of Unilateral Scissor Bite.
Shukla I, Tikku T, Sachan K, Srivastava K.
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Prosthetic Approach using titanium mesh for rehabilitation of frontal bone defect : A Case Report.
Kumar S, Mishra P, Shivakumar.
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Modified Esthetic Multifunctional Orthodontic Appliance.
Srilatha KT, Deshmukh S, Murthy PS, Nandlal B, George RM, Ashwini K.
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Liquid Supported Denture: A gentle solution for Problematic Prosthodontic situation: A Case Report.

Mohindra R, Agarwal R, Natu SS, Shiva Kumar GC, Gupta N, Mehrotra A.

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Solitary Neurofibroma of Hard Palate – Rare Benign Tumour – A Case Report.
Jeevanlata, Jaswal S, Marya J.
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The management of a traumatized central incisor after root canal treatment failure using mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) – A case report with one year follow up.
Singh RK, Khan SA, Navit S, Chadha D, Johri N, Sharma A.
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A potential denture space for the resorbed alveolar ridges with minimal conflict – Case Report.
Gupta NK, Kumar S, Mishra P, Patel T.
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