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2013; Issue 4, Volume 2

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Aloe vera – An Update for Dentistry
Meena M, Figueiredo NR, Trivedi K.
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Capsaicin : A Review
Figueiredo NR, Meena M, Trivedi K
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Pyogenic Granuloma : A Case Report and Review
Sharma P, Khan MH, Kumar N, Samadi FM
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Ovelay Denture : A Case Report
Nigam A, Mantur S.
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Herpes Zoster Infection - A Case Report
Kumar N, Sharma P, Khann MH, Samadi FM
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Artificial Tooth Pontic : A Step towards Esthetics
Srivastava R, Asmita, Patil SS
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Neurofibromatosis Type 1 with Oral and Extra Oral Manifestations
Kanneppady SK, Lakshman AR, Kanneppady SS, Banu V, Castelino RL.
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Peripheral Giant Cell Granuloma : Benign Tumor of Oral Cavity – A Case
Report and Review of Literature.
Saxena S, Pramod BJ, Sharma R, Samadi FM.

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Temporomandibular Joint Ankylosis – A Case Report
Meena M, Figueiredo NR, Soni A.
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Pecision Attachments – An overview
Nigam A, Singh A, Shekhar A, Gupta H.
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Papilla Preservation Flap : Revisited
Chacko LN, Abraham S, Landge N, Ali FM
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