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2013; Issue 3, Volume 2

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Bone Augmentation Materials : A Literature Review
Seth J, Aeran H, Sharma A
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Changing Esthetic Paradigm in Hemifacial Microsomia
Prakash A, Raghuwanshi B, Rai S
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Micro Implant : An Absolute Orthodontic Anchorage
System : A Review
Tripathi AA, Chandra P, Hivalekar A
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Multivariate Analysis : An Overview
Kumar S, Singh SK, Mishra P
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Single Rooted Mandibular Second Molars with Single
Canal : Rare Occurrence
Sharma D
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Study of Dental Students’ Esthetic Perception of Mild Dental Fluorosis
Agarwal M, Anuradha P
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Occupational Exposure to HBV or HIV: which is more significant?
Ali FM, Bhushan P, Patil A, Ustad F
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Therapeutic Uses of Laser in Pedodontics
Singh N, Chandra P, Agarwal S.

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Fovea Palatini – what lies beneath and down under
Bhayana R, Jain SR, Bhayana D, Sanadhya S, Singh DP, Kusha G
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Management of Class I malocclusion with unilateral
first premolar extractions – A Case Report
Singla R, Madhumita N, Singla N
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Condylar Hyperplasia : A Rare Case Report
Desai V, Pratik P, Sharma R
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