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2013; Issue 2, Volume 2

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From the Desk of the Editor
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Midline Diastema: Treatment Options
Sunilkumar LN, Nagmode P, Gonmode S, Jain D, Ali FM
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An Unusual Case of Primary Intraosseous Cardinoma of the Mandible
Lakshman AR, Kanneppady SK
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Combined Endo-Perio Lesion in an Anterior Tooth, its Management &
Resolution – A Case Report
Mittal A, Khan S, Singh RK
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Down Syndrome Patient with Double Row Dentition – A Rare Case Report
Chandrasekarran B, Kumaresan R, Mohan N
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Developmental Variations in Maxillary Lateral Incisor – A Case Series
Khanna S, Purwar A, Gupta S
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Implications of Dermatoglyphics in Dentistry
Soni A, Singh SK, Gupta A
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Peripheral Ossifying FIbroma – Report of 3 Cases
Singla N, Singh P, Dua N
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Teledentistry : Now and Then
Agrawal R, Adit, Singh RK, Agarwal A, Chandra A

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Non-Surgical Management of Oral Leukoplakia
Singh SK, Gupta A, Sahu R
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Painless Anesthesia: A New Approach
Singh N, Agarwal S, Bhagchandani J, Chandra P, Gaur A
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Dental Insurance – A Ray of Hope
Singh RK, Parihar S, Sharma P, Baranwal S, Agarwal S
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Clinical Management of Supernumerary Teeth : A Case Report.
Samadi F, Jaiswal JN, Tripathi VP
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