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2012; Issue 2, Volume 1

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From the Desk of the Editor
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ERGONOMICS: A Must for Dentistry: A Cross Sectional study in various
parts of Northern India
Desai V, Pratik P, Sharma R
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A Review on Probiotics and their Implications in Dentistry
Sareen M, Roy S, Singh SK, Gupta A
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Central Giant Cell Granuloma of the Jaw Bones: A Review
Shrivastava S, Samadi FM, Priya S, Singh A
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Oral Malodor in Children
Cugati N
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Cetlins Intrusion Arch—Case Report
Amit Prakash, Arundhati P. Tandur, Sandip Jain, Gaurav Arya, Sonali Rai
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Restoration of fractured anterior teeth using thermoformed templates -
A Case Report
Samadi F, Jaiswal JN, Pandey S, Bansal N, Samadi F
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Surgical Enucleation of Large Radicular cyst - Case Report
Ghezta N.
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HPV Vaccine - Duo Visage
Samadi F, Gupta J, Tiwari V, Gupta M, Singh A

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Acrylic Ball End Clasp for Retention of Removable Orthodontic Appliances
Srivastava SC, Verma K, Chandra P, Agarwal S
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Flexible Denture for Partially Edentulous Arches- A Case Report
Kaira LS, Dayakara HR, Singh R
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